Sunday, January 29, 2006

On the Sources of Authority

Your Good news for this Week
January 29, 2006
4th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Cycle B

"I will put my words into his mouth and he shall tell them all I command him." (Deut. 18:15-20)
"I say this only to help you ... to make sure the everything is as it should be, and that you give your undivided attention to the Lord." (1 Cor 7:32-35)
"Here is a teaching that is new and with authority behind it: he gives orders even to unclean spirits and they obey him." (Mark 1:21-28)

I thank you Lord for all the things I've learned in school. As I reflect on authority, I am reminded of the many people and circumstances that molded me to who I am today. Thank you also for my parents, my first teachers, my family and friends who are my constant sources of inspiration.

But thank you also, Lord, for the many times when I learned the real lessons of life - when I felt afraid, lonely or rejected, and nobody was there to help me; when I failed the trials of life; when my strength was tested till I found out that I was weakest of all; when I was hurt and did not receive any comfort; when I gave love but was not loved in return; when I failed you Lord by the many sins I have committed against you.

As I look back on all these memories, both good and bad, I begin to see your loving presence guiding me every step of the way, filling me with wisdom that I can share to others, and that life is indeed beautiful. Once again, thank you, Lord.

Fr. Lito Jopson

Saturday, January 21, 2006


Your Good News for January 22, 2006
3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Cycle B


"And the people of Nineveh believed in God; they proclaimed a fast and put on sackcloth, from the greatest to the least." (Jonah 3:1-10)
"This is what I mean: our time is growing short." (1 Cor 7:29-31)
"The time has come and the kingdom of God is at hand." (Mark 1:14-20)

Do this exerise today: Imagine what it would be like during our last days. Who would be the people around us? What would they be saying about us? How have we lived our lives? What would still be important? Would it still be about wealth, survival, even fame? Or would it be about life fully lived, where we have given everything in love without asking to be repaid ... the story of our lives is none other than the story of God in us. Let's work for it and begin life anew .

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Call to Serve

Good News for January 15, 2006
Cycle B


"Speak Lord, your servant is listening." (1 Sam 3:3-19)
"You should use your body for the greater glory of God." (1 Cor 6:13-20)
"You are Simon, son of John: you to be called Cephas." (Jn 1: 35-42)

Before we could even know him God called us by name when we were baptized. He called us to be his sons and daughters and gave each of us a task in the Church. Vocation is not restricted to priests and nun but a call given to us all. This call came not only once, when we became God's children in baptism. God keeps calling us day after day to live as his children and to work for his kingdom." (Camilo Marivoet, CICM, Liturgy Alive)

What do you think God is calling you do at this particular point in your life? Do you think that God is also calling you to do something and be "good news" for a greater number of people, say, the Philippines?

Share your thoughts and prayers and may God bless you!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Baptism of the Lord

Sunday, 8 January 2006
Cycle B

Readings: Is 55: 1 - 11 / 1 Jn 5: 1-9 / Mark 1: 7 - 11

"Someone is following me, someone who is more powerful that I am, and I am not fit to kneel down and undo the strap of his sandals. I baptise you with water, but He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit."

The prophet has announced a servant filled with God's spirit. When Jesus was baptised, the Father recognizes him as his servant and his beloved Son. The Holy Spirit comes down upon him.

Grant that we may realize the depth of our own baptism. Taking the cue from Jesus, we should know what to do, what our mission is, now, after Christmas and the start of the new year. Share your prayers and reflections on the Christian's role in the world today.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Friday, January 6, 2006
Cycle B

Readings: Is 60: 1-6 / Eph 3:2 - 6 / Matt 2: 1-12

"And you, Bethlehem, in the land of Judah,
for out of you will come a leader who will shepherd my people Israel."

Reflection: A post-Christmas song composed by Fr. Manoling Francisco, S.J. goes this way:

"When the song of angels is stilled
when the stars in the sky is gone
when the kings and princes are home
when the shepherds are back with their flocks,
the work of Christmas begins -
to find the lost, to heal the broken,
to feed the hungry, free the prisoners,
to rebuild nations, to bring peace to all brothers
to make music in our hearts ..."

The moment when we can see an obsure Christ right in front of our eyes through these ... and respond accordingly, is Epiphany; Christmas has dawned upon us!

Fr. Lito Jopson