Monday, March 29, 2010

Let us enter into Jerusalem!

Palm Sunday, Cycle C
Gospel:  LUKE 22 : 14 -- 23 : 56

Enter into Jerusalem with Jesus!

Jerusalem connotes the heavenly Jerusalem, our final destination in heaven.  But it also connotes how Jesus would lead us there - through the power of the cross.

We are entering Jerusalem because of the triumph of love that Jesus initiated.  Now the bond between us and His Father would not be separated for all times.

We enter Jerusalem because of the triumph of forgiveness and not vengeance. Jesus shows us the key to life by giving all others the opportunity to live.

We enter Jerusalem because of the triumph of generosity. Jesus entrusts his whole self on our behalf.   Offering ourselves to God means being available to give our time, talents, and treasures for His work.

Let us enter Jerusalem with Jesus.  Let our lives be stories of the triumph of love, forgiveness, and generosity.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Intimacy with Jesus

5th Sunday of Lent
Cycle C
Gospel: John 8:1-11
Photo courtesy of Vignan Das Gangula's Page

The more we come closer to celebrating Holy Week, the more we get to realize that this is not the story of our conversion; rather, this becomes a story of our intimacy with the redeemer of our lives, Jesus Christ, the one who is to enter into his death for our sake.

Intimacy is a loaded word. We cannot imagine not entering into intimacy with anybody. We will just wither away and die. How about intimacy with Jesus? Do we give it a thought? By this we will realize that Christianity is not just about being good and avoiding evil; it is more about our intimacy with Jesus who is everything in our lives.

Jesus is the sacrament of the Father. He is intimately linked with Him. Our way to the Father is only through Jesus.

Jesus is the forgiveness of the Father. No matter how much we ask for forgiveness by praying directly to God, it is only through Jesus through the sacrament of Reconciliation can we attain real forgiveness.

Jesus is the way to the Father. Our lives are one big journey, not to financial security, but to salvation. Are we traveling in the right direction or are we lost? When we are on a journey, we involve our whole selves. Reflect if our every action leads us to way of salvation for ourselves and others.

Then we are ready to encounter the suffering Lord this Holy Week. Let his cross be ours for the sake of love.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Be a new creation

4th Sunday of Lent,
Cycle C
Gospel: LUKE 15 : 1 - 3, 11 - 32

The Lenten season is meant to renew us and make our faith livelier. In the second reading, St. Paul describes the Christians as the "new creation" in Christ. But what does it mean for us to be new creations after this season?

First, to be new creation means to recognize our genesis in God. Once and for all we make a firm decision to participate in the creation that is continually going on, i.e., the creation of hearts that are oriented in and toward God.

Second, to be new creation means to bring out all ingenuity to preach the good news and cause the renewal of peoples. If I find myself creative in other things, why not in the work of God?

Third, to be new creation means to be pregnant, to bear the fruits of grace. For a country of 80% Catholics, it is nearly impossible that the Philippines would remain in the shackles of poverty if all people are renewed in their faith. Otherwise, being Catholic remains only in the baptismal certificates and not in actual life.

May we be new creations in God.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Who are you Lord?

3rd week of Lent, cycle C
Gospel: LUKE 13 : 1 - 9

For this third week of Lent we are invited to cling to the main source of our divine nature - God himself through Jesus Christ. Though we recognize God as mystery it cannot be denied that He revealed himself in the scriptures as a just God and a merciful God.

As a just God, He hears the cry of the poor and the oppressed and comes to their rescue. This constitutes the entire history of Israel from slavery to freedom. "I am who am" is invoked in every generation by all people and He comes to our rescue by punishing the oppressor. God deserves all adoration and respect. Otherwise, we are belittling the King of heaven and earth. Justice will come upon us all.

But God is also a merciful God. Like the parable of the barren tree, he is willing to give everyone a chance to be fruitful by caring for us. Have you experienced being loved by someone enough for you to change for the better? We change for the better simply because God forgives us.

May God's justice and mercy be our focal point to adore, love, and serve Him.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Our transfigurations

2nd Sunday of Lent
Cycle C
Gospel: Lk. 9, 28-36

The message of the transfiguration of Jesus points to his divinity which people didn't recognize at the time, judging from his physical appearance. But Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God. His divinity emanates from his humanity.

Do we see divinity emanating from our humanity as well? If not, then consider this: ever since we were created, God already placed divinity inside of us when we were baptized. Also, everything God created was good, including us. Our humanity should not be a lame excuse for us to continue living in darkness and sin simply because we are not children of darkness. We all come from God, and we are all good.

Thus, we need to do something to increase emanation of the light inside us. We need to expose ourselves more with the source of Light whom we may have neglected to know all these years. Let us expose ourselves more to areas where we could detect the presence of Lord instead of wallowing in dark activities.

Finally, we need to emanate that light inside of us by concrete actions. If all Christians would just let that light out, including our present leaders, then the Philippines would be living proof of the Light of Christ. We may have forgotten that we the Church are the body of Christ here on earth.