Saturday, August 27, 2011

Serve God alone

22nd Sunday in ordinary time, set A

The prophet Jeremiah aptly puts every sentiment of an active follower of the Lord, "If I don't proclaim your word, there is something burning in my heart."

Are we really sure that those who have not followed the Lord are indeed fulfilled?  And do you think that those whose service to the Lord is found wanting is living the fullest life? 

Ever since we were born, we are meant to serve the Lord.  Our birth itself is a living proof that God allowed us to live for a particular, exclusive reason: so that we may know who created us, and that in knowing, we may love and serve Him.

Jesus in today's gospel eventually leads us to the very heart of service: renouncing oneself, taking up one's cross, and following him.  By renouncing oneself, others' and God world will open up to us.  By taking up our cross, Jesus' life will flow to us.  By following Jesus, life will flow to others also. 

Simply put: serve God alone and we shall live.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The power to bind and loose

21st Sunday, cycle A

From the first reading, we learned that Shebna, a king who was found displeasing to God, would be replaced by Eliakim, the son of Hilkiah.  He would have the great powers of a just king.

We may not know it, but the world of politics mirrors the justice of God to bring life and order to the world.  And if power is corrupted, God has the power to judge and rule and bring order to mankind.

God assigns people to do the job.  Unfortunately, sometimes, people who are not attuned to God end up bringing corruption to people.  Again, God would exhibit his power.

The call therefore for all us is to heed God's commands, have the courage to stay close to him, and proclaim his love and mercy to all people.

The Church in this regard has the power to bind and loose as Jesus has.  Believe in the the Church that he built for all of us.  It is up to us to release the potentials of a Church that has the power to bring life to all for the greater glory of God.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The scraps that fall from the table

20th Sunday in Ordinary time
cycle A

I would assume that in this day and age of attractions to material things, wealth, and technologies, man still opts for eternal salvation.  Unfortunately, salvation is translated to life after death.  Meanwhile, the world is dying because of corruption and greed; and people are suffering because of the sins of others.

It is imperative therefore that salvation begins now, here in our world and in the world to come; and salvation comes in relying totally on God to change us and lead us to him.

Faith in and knowledge of God gradually molds us to be givers and servants, causing goodness to overflow in this world by rendering what is due to others.  Thus, this world would consequently become a better place to live in because the inhabitants of this earth have the heart of God.

Finally, as the scraps the fall from the master's table are enough to give life to the Canaanite woman, so too the scraps of our lives could be rendered useful in giving life to others.  Anything large or small, if offered to God becomes a source of life for others.  The Pondo ng Pinoy and the Segunda Mana of Caritas Manila are examples of scraps turned things of useful value for others.  We are also the scraps turned useful by our Lord to save others.  Salvation begins now.