Saturday, May 26, 2012


Pentecost and the Church

When the Holy Spirit descended on the apostles, the Church was immediately born.  When the apostles were imbued with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, there immediately were three thousand converts, all speaking the same language.

Let us relish what it means when we were born again, this time in the Spirit.  Let us appreciate what it means to be Church as Jesus wants us to be.

To be Church filled with the Holy Spirit means we are one heart and one mind with God and with one another.  We are one Body constantly being sanctified, consecrated, made holy in the Holy Spirit.

To be Spirit - filled means we know our roles in the greater scheme of God's designs.  In God's world everyone is a participant, taking an active role in the work of salvation.

To live in the Spirit means that we cause the salvation of others by the sheer witnessing of our lives.  Our whole lives reveal the glory and grandeur of God, bringing others to life and freedom.

May we be inspired in actively living out Christian lives under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ascension Sunday

Silence and word: path to evangelization

Jesus stayed for 40 days before he went up to heaven.  His only concern was to teach or give instruction to the disciples about God's kingdom.  Have you ever imagined the passion of Lord to teach no other than the kingdom.  What is in the kingdom of God?  The kingdom is everything that God reveals about himself.

The Kingdom of God refers also to our own lives.  These are the things of heaven that gives us life.

This is why the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI and the popes since Vatican II issued directives for proper guidance in media work.  It is because of the tremendous effects of media in molding the personal and social psyches and to give people an opportunity to reflect whether these forms of social communications transmit the kingdom of God.

In Pope Benedict's message for the 46th World Communications Day, it is obvious that the Holy Father would want all users of social networking to see where the kingdom of God is.  Definitely, God's kingdom is reflected in silence.

First point: silence is an integral part in the world of communications and dialogue.

Second point: silence is important in discovering the truth and the meaning of self.

And third point: in silence, God reveals His heart specially in Jesus who was nailed to the cross.

We need silence to get a glimpse of the Kingdom of God which we need to live out after Christ ascended to heaven. 

May we be a part of the unfolding of the Kingdom of God in our world today through silence and the word.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

6th Sunday of Easter

Loving as Jesus loves
Cycle B

Have we noticed that till this 6th week, we are still proclaiming the resurrection of Jesus?  We have been following the Easter stories.  But there are phases in the story.  The first one starts with Jesus.  The second one flows to his apostles.  The latest story in our readings for today shows the movement of the resurrection from the apostles to the gentiles.  Jesus is raising up both you and me in today's generation.

Jesus is reaching out to us in a concrete way.  He is making us into an "Alter Christus" or another Christ.  What makes us live like Christ?

The first aspect about living like Christ is when we live out his commandments and his values.  Jesus was faithful to the command of his Father. What was the command?  Love one another.  And what kind of love?  "As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.  Remain in my love."

Have we noticed the intimate connections between the Father and Son and the Son and us?  This is comunio!  We are to love one another as Jesus loves - with the love of the Father!

We are to love as Jesus loves - sacrificing till the end.  If we are to sacrifice ourselves only to bring our children to heaven we would gladly do so.  This is positive sacrifice.  Nobody brought their children to Jesus by living comfortable lives.

Third, we are to love as Jesus loves - by allowing ourselves to be sent.  To be commissioned to be fruitful is the greatest gift we can receive - that by our actions, simply as they are, would bring fruitfulness to others and would lead others to Jesus.  Let our smallest actions be salvific.  This is true love.