Saturday, September 22, 2012

25th Sunday of the year

why do the holy annoy the unholy?

Cycle B

It will forever be a mystery why crab mentality became embedded in Filipino culture.  The same is true why the holy annoy the unholy, when acts of goodness are reciprocated by hatred and jealousy that lead to revenge.

We may never know the real reason behind this phenomenon, but I believe the most obvious reason is that the unholy will not have any share blessings and bounty of the Lord and therefore, they want even the good to fail because from the very start they already are fallen.

I would just like to highlight the two titles of Jesus that hopefully would serve as inspiration for us to to travel along the path of holiness.  The first title of Jesus is "Son of God", a title aptly addressed to the Messiah who shares in the power of the Lord to lead, organize, and rule over God's children in justice in love.  May we pray to inculcate what Jesus stood for as God's only begotten Son and share in the privilege and as well as responsibility to lead others to holiness.

The second title of Jesus is "the Son of man."  This title implies that Jesus is representative of humanity in its entirety - frailty and wounded, but nevertheless, loved by the Father.  Jesus is totally human who carried our woundedness unto himself.  Our pains become his.  "And by his stripes, we were healed." (Is. 53:5)

If we live out the spirituality of these titles, not only do we live holy lives; we would also be instrumental in leading others to Jesus.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

24th Sunday of the year, cycle B

Jesus, the "messiah", the "anointed one

To be a messiah, one is expected to be the deliverer.  Deliver from what?  In the Jewish tradition, God delivered Israel from slavery to freedom.  We are always in the state of "unfreedom" - in our relationships and even in ourselves.  Jesus delivers and grants us liberation, especially from sin!

The second connotation of "Christ" is "the anointed".  Here we further see two pictures aptly describing Jesus - that He is the Holy One of God and that He is the great healer. To be anointed means to be chosen or elected to do the Father's will.  Everything Jesus did and continues to do is pleasing to the Father, especially the offering of his life.

To anoint with oil means "to heal".  Jesus is the great healer.  Think of the many instances that Jesus healed, not only physically but integrally.

If we fix our eyes on Jesus, we would know that it is only through him that we are healed, that he chose us as well to do God's will and that all our actions would lead us to true freedom of becoming the sons and daughters of the Father.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

The Birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary , B

The power of the lowly

In reflecting the birth of the Lady, we learn how the lowly become exulted.  Starting from Bethlehem till the gospel of Mary's betrothal to  Joseph, everything is about lowliness and God exults the lowly.

Maybe because the lowly open themselves to Him to mold them and use them according to His divine plan;  that's why He exults them.

Mary was that lowly woman who was exulted above all women.  For in her heart, there's nothing except God alone from the very start of her conception till the end of her life. 

"My soul magnifies the Lord," reveals the prayer that nothing else is exulted except God alone.  The is the prayer of a humble heart.

The lowly heart in the Hail Mary is filled with the Lord.  Grant that each day, we may learn to give of ourselves so that we may receive the Lord.

Finally, the lowly heart has nothing to share except Jesus alone.  He/she gives himself/ herself entirely to do God's work.  "Blessed is the fruit of thy womb."  Mary delivers Jesus to us for our salvation.

23rd Sunday of the year, B

"Be opened"

The prophecy of Isaiah represents the all the hopes of mankind: in the coming of the Lord, the blind shall see, the deaf shall hear, the lame shall walk, the dumb will speak, the desert will flow with water, the scorched earth becomes a lak, and the parched land springs water.

Where do you want to position yourself?  In being deprived of or being filled with?

"Be opened." That is what "Effata" means.  The Lord implores, "Be opened!"

For the hardhearted, "Be opened!"  Do not stay in the narrow minded world of the self.

Choose to be opened.  Open that heart to God who knows everything, even our lives.

Continue to be opened by God each day.  Be molded each day to become the person God wants us to be.

Be open and we shall see how God transforms this world from itself to Himself.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

22nd Sunday of the year, cycle B

The law has the heart of God

Ever wondered how among religions, our religion which has its roots in Jewish tradition has the most humane laws - loving God as He truly is and to love our neighbor as ourselves?

The heart of every law is the very heart of God who wants us all to live by His statutes, give others what is due them, and bring order to the world.

Jesus further enlivens that heart by giving us a new commandment - loving one another as Jesus as loved us - again, with the heart of the Father.

The only task of man in this world is to make sure that the heart is never curtailed or corrupted.  Otherwise, we would see the exact opposite of God's law as what we're seeing today. 

We need to constantly check whether we remain attuned to His heart or we're lost in this world. Think of these 3 questions: What have we learned from our Catechesis and do we still continue to learn from them?  Second, what molds our hearts today - the world or God himself?  Third, how much are we ready to let go and let God?

Answer honestly these questions and we shall see our path lead to life and to God himself.