Sunday, July 27, 2014

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time, A


Matthew 13:44-46

Let us imitate Solomon in choosing wisdom.  He may have opted for power.  But he chose wisdom.  Wisdom is a better investment than riches or power.  We need wisdom each day so we can choose the right decisions.

Choosing the right decisions should lead us to the righteous life, the fruitful life, and the godly life.  Wisdom should enable us to see the Kingdom of God unfolding in our midst.

In order to gain wisdom we should:

1. learn from the wisdom of the ages - we don't need to relearn what was already learned by others;
2. have a common sense or the sense of the common - what is good for all is what we should consider before our personal goods.
3.  have a sense of where the road of our decisions lead us.  They should all lead us to God.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

God's patience

Matthew 13:24-43

How does God's patience work?

In the book of wisdom, God who is all powerful has the power to bring punishment to man, but if he sees that man is repentant, he pours out His mercy upon him and is patient as man lives a life of mercy and conversion.

How does our patience work?

In the modern times, where things are immediately available, the young generation today are regarded as having a short attention span; they may also be impatient with slow computer speed and internet access.  Same may be true for others who have no patience with their parents who lag behind technology.  But could we imagine parents as not having enough patience to bring up their children?  Unless they are corrupted by the modern world, every parent will give up everything just to see the child through.

Patience all works with our relationship with God.  We don't have the patience to serve God, but when our lives are at stake, we immediately call on Him to help us.  How can we call on God when through the years we don't even have the patience to know Him?

Finally, patience works with being Church as well.  We don't have the patience to join organizations or ministries.  But the Church involves itself in the work of salvation.  And salvation is the first one to suffer when we do not offer our time, talent, and treasure in being Church.  How true are Jesus' words: "What good does it do a man if he gains the whole world but suffers the loss of his soul?" (Mt. 16, 26)

Let our patience imitate God's patience and cause salvation to take its course in our lifetime.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

15th Sunday in Ordinary time, A

Meaningful life

Taking off from last week's Gospel, as we possess the heart of a child, we become more sensitive to God's presence in the world.  We also become more sensitive to love and commitment.  What if we have lost that sensitivity?

There are only two scenarios in life: a world with God and a world without God.

A world with God is orderly; a world without God is chaotic.  Imagine people who think only of themselves.  Will they find fulfillment in life?   The issue haunting DAP and Pork barrel are just symptoms of what lies in the very hearts of men and women if indeed, people's contributions are used for the benefit of all or a chosen few.

Second, a world with God reaches out people; a world without God reaches only themselves and their immediate families.

Third, a world with God reaches heaven; those who don't end right here in this world.

Most significant of all, God's world can easily be reached from within, whereas for those who lively worldly lives, no matter how hard they try to buy things, money cannot buy the happiness in the heart that only God can supply.

A world with God constitutes a meaningful life.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Qualities of a child

Matthew 11:25-30

This is to quietly ponder all the things that happened to us since Ash Wednesday.  As the fullness of God's revelation was laid down before us, we realize that we are the People called by God, the Body of Christ, and the Temples of the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit of the Lord is now passing to us.  We are His "Alter-Christus" out to save others.

As we enter into the mystery of the ordinary season, we realize every day is not ordinary.  It is in fact a gift, God's gift to us.  Only a child can realize that every day and every moment are gifts to be lived fully.

Only through the eyes of a child can we truly appreciate what a day is.

A person who has ceased becoming a child is a dead person; there is nothing new in life.

You can create any quality of a child.  But I want us to be child-like.  A child possess the following qualities:

C- compassion; a child never ceases to love.

H- healthy outlook; he looks for the healthiest opportunities of life filled with happiness;

I - intellect; not ignorance; he is always there to look for meaning;

L - life; life for life's sake; every moment is an opportunity to live;

D - docility; especially docility to grace, he finds God in the world.